Category: Soups

Sweet Potato Soup with Crispy Prosciutto

My recipe for Sweet Potato Soup with Crispy Prosciutto comes from my mom, a lover of all soups, especially easily made ones. This soup certainly fits that bill. With only six ingredients (excluding salt and pepper) and a total preparation time of under an hour, this soup makes an ideal quick lunch or elegant light dinner. The cooked sweet potatoes make the soup incredibly creamy and the addition of fried prosciutto adds a satisfying crunch for a soup your family and friends will love. Use your Farmer Owned ingredients to whip up a batch the next time you are struck with a soup craving! read more


Roasted Tomato Soup in a Cheesy Bread Bowl

Growing up, my favorite meal was tomato soup and “girl cheese,” what my best friend and I called grilled cheese.  The combination of melted cheese, crusty bread, and zesty tomato is hard to beat! Even better, this homemade soup and fancy bread bowl couldn’t be easier to whip up. read more


Homemade Vegetarian Ramen


This homemade ramen is my go-to when I need something warm and soothing. Making the broth is so easy with just a few ingredients and then you can customize your bowl with any toppings you like. Have a meat lover in your crew? This simple dish also can be made with chicken or beef stock and topped with any protein of your choice. Make some today using your Farmer Owned ingredients. read more


Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumpling Soup


What I’ve always loved about cooking is how it can connect generations of family. Though many of my ancestors’ recipes have been around since before my time and were created by people I never had the pleasure of meeting, reading their words and cooking their dishes makes me feel as though I know them.  read more


Chicken Chili for Two


Whenever I need to make something comforting, I immediately think of chili. I love that you can make a big batch of something so wholesome with just a few ingredients. However, when I moved to New York the large quantity format wasn’t as easy to accomplish in my closet sized kitchen. So I scaled the recipe to feed two, read more