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Easy Moelleux-au-Chocolat


Every Valentine’s Day I try to up my gift game. There isn’t anything wrong with a box of chocolates or a dozen roses; but as a pastry chef, I feel the heat to create something truly decadent for this indulgent and romantic holiday. read more


Buche de Noel Cake

Buche_Recipe_FO_26 (3)

The Buche de Noel, or Yule Log, always fascinated and intimidated me. I assumed such a beautiful cake had to be impossible to make. Even after receiving a culinary school degree and working as a pastry chef in New York, the Buche de Noel seemed to haunt me. But finally, I grit my teeth and decided to make one. read more


Pumpkin Cake Truffles


As a kid, the hardest part of Halloween was deciding what costume to wear. Should I be cute or scary, daring or simple? While my more creative friends would dye their hair, dabble in the application of fake blood or construct elaborate outfits from scratch, I was always searching for a costume that took minimal effort but was fun. I take the same approach with my Halloween treats. read more